Humanitarian routines built from love.

The photographer Dilayla Romeo finds Mozambique as the purest essence. Her roots lie in this south western African region, a place that has not seen her growing, though. When the half of oneself is somewhere far away, travelling through sky and earth seems to be the only way to reconnect and feel fulfilled again.

That is what she did when she took the decision of becoming voluntary, joining the humanitarian labour of Khanimambo Foundation that offers the chance of having a better future to the children in the area of Mozambique through three main lines of action: education, nutrition and health.

There everything began: Root-In, her first photobook inwhich she narrates her experience from a documentary perspective, but also aesthetic, developing a newapproach to this issue beyond any stereotypes.

“We are the sum of our experiences, those who haveraised us, the places we have been, but also of those places that remains to be discovered and are latently alive in us”.

Text by: Antonella James