The Prowess Community is building a creative community of mozambican and african artists building a safe space for narratives and art for giving voice to vulnerability. We offer a true experience of self acceptance and confidentiality and sharing with the world. A place to feel comfortable as individuals healing together through creativity process for finding a full life releasing the bonds and limitations that prevent us from growing and developing as free creative human beings.

We create projects by collaborations, giving artists an opportunity to express themselves in a free, honest and unique way. We make projects in
collaboration to promote conformity and liberation.

2020/ Quarantine Gallery. L.A.

Comission for Quarantine Gallery based in LA. This is a quearantine-safe gallery curating exhibitions addressing the current COVID-19 crisis.


2019/ The Afro Files Lab.

New platform working about conceptual photography, visual narratives and other experiments.


2019/ Upcoming enviromental and artistic project with base in Moçambique. (In collaboration with Jõao Roxo, co-founder and head of design of ANIMA Creative Studio, Maputo)

Lixo (plastic waste) is taking our lives in a threatening and radical way. We can name him as the "new" colonizer of our times and we would not be exaggerating this event.

Lixo is the great oppressor of these times. Poisons our environment and with it our livelihood, the animals and our food. By force majeure we allow him to enter our houses without making noise and forces us to remove it from them with effort, even knowing that, his final destiny will continue to stalk our lives from very close.

Ironically, the most affected places by this relatively "new" colonizer are the underdeveloped countries and therefore the ones most in need of new strategies towards a dignified life.

This project focuses on this problematic in Mozambique specifically around the capital, Maputo.


2018/ Interview for Lamono Magazine about the ROOT-IN project. (Supported by Fujifilm)